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Premium quality, fibre based, variable contrast black & white photo paper with cool image tone, suitable for all types of darkroom enlargers.

  • Double weight 255g/m2 fibre base
  • Cool image tone
  • Shorter exposure time
  • Uniform grade separation
  • Glossy surface
  • Available in sheets and rolls

Product Description

ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB COOLTONE is a premium quality, variable contrast black & white photographic paper on a heavyweight, baryta coated fibre base. This versatile and easy to use paper is designed for creative printers wanting cool image tones and clean crisp whites.

With its cool white base tint and cool image tone, prints made on MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC COOLTONE deliver a finished print with a crisp, unique look thanks to rich blacks and well separated mid tones. It also responds well to toning, chemical reduction and retouching techniques.

MULTIGRADE FB is available in [Neutral] and [Warmtone] variants and is compatible with the ILFORD optimum permanence wash sequence.

MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and seven full grades of contrast can be achieved when used with ILFORD MULTIGRADE filters. It can be used with most common safelights for black & white darkroom paper.

Wondering which paper to choose? Read this guide to picking your perfect Black & White paper.

Technical Specification

MULTIGRADE1 + 91 ½-3min
MULTIGRADE1 + 142-5min
BROMOPHEN1 + 31 ½-3min
PQ UNIVERSAL1 + 9 1 ½-3min
Stop Bath  
ILFOSTOP1 + 1910 secs
RAPID1 + 41min
HYPAM1 + 41min
Wash in running water 30-45min


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