Kentmere VC SELECT Glossy Sheets

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Resin coated, variable contrast black & white photo paper for darkroom printing. Ideal for use across a wide range of general printing applications.

  • High quality resin coated paper
  • Cool to neutral image tone
  • Bright white base tint
  • Standard weight 190gsm
  • Choice of glossy or lustre surfaces
  • Available in sheets and rolls

Product Description

KENTMERE VC SELECT is a high quality, black & white variable contrast paper on a bright white resin coated base.

Ideal for students and hobbyists, KENTMERE VC SELECT delivers a wide tonal range and excellent image quality throughout its wide contrast range.

KENTMERE VC SELECT RC is fully compatible with all existing ILFORD MULTIGRADE filters and equipment. It can be used with most common safelights for black & white darkroom paper such as the ILFORD 902 safelight filter.

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