We chose #happyfilm to be our #Fridayfavourites theme. We often hear that shooting film is therapeutic for some people. Being able to visually share what makes you happy was so lovely to see this week. Makes us happy, to see that all of you are enjoying our film as much as we do.

Just a reminder! Use our hashtags #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites plus that week's tag, but also let us know which film you have used.

Black and white photo of a shop with blow up dino coming out at the top

@tomnorthenscold Can monsters be happy? I hope so, because this photo makes me smile. Olympus OM-1n w/35mm f/2 and yellow filter. Ilford FP4 at box. HC-110b for 9 min at 20c. D850 scan with ES-2. Converted in NLP. #happyfilm #fridayfavourites #ilfordphoto


Black and white portrait of a male with a show over his face

@RobynBlu_ HP5 is probably my go to film in any format. Loving some delta 3200 too! #happyfilm #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites



Black and white girl stood in the countryside with her hands in her pocket

@Vochoben What could make a photo happier other than a masonry arch bridge and @e_joyce97? ? Olympus OM10 ?️ Kentmere 100 ? ID-11 ? Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe Pearl #fridayfavourites #happyfilm #ilfordphoto


Black and white photo of a little girl sat down with her grandfather sat in the background

@dirtykics Sharing for #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #happyfilm. I grew up w/o a grandfather since both parents parents died while they were young. Seeing this child mimic his grandfather brought a tear to my eye. ILFORD HP5 Plus


Black and white image of two people walking past a shop with a face as the door

@street_n_sour Replying to @ILFORDPhoto #happyfilm #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites HP5+ / Yashica-Auto & Mamiya 4B / Sydney #streetphotography



#filmpinhole - World Pinhole Photography Day is on the 24th of April. Show us what you can create.

Use the #'s #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #filmpinhole and remember to tell us which of our films you used.


These are the themes that you can expect to see fairly soon.  You can start sharing for these whenever you like, and as long as you use the #'s we will see them. You can share your shots with us on Instagram or Twitter using the #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites plus that week's tag and the film or paper that you have used.

#lifeonfilm - Show us what you get up to!

#posedfilm - Let us see how movement can be experimental

#countrysideonfilm - Landscape, walks, fresh air! Give us a glimpse of your countryside.