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120 roll film for medium format cameras.

ISO 125, all-purpose black & white film with fine grain, medium contrast and outstanding sharpness. Ideal for most shooting scenarios in good light conditions.

  • Medium speed ISO 125
  • Fine grain, high sharpness
  • Robust exposure tolerance
  • 35mm, 120 Roll & Sheet Film available

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Customer Reviews
  1. Good medium speed, flat-ish shoulder

    FP4+ is the best medium speed emulsion in 120, if you know how to treat it.
    I find this film a bit too flat in the highlights, which is why my usual procedure is to expose it at EI 200 and develop normally, so I can get closer to the foot line and develop in stock D76.
    If you expose it at less than 200, I recommend a stronger dilution or a more energetic developer.
  2. Excellent image quality

    This is my favourite Ilford film, bar none. It has sparkle in the highlights without having excessive contrast. It holds lots of detail in both bright and shadow areas and has moderate contrast throughout, making it easy to scan. Perfect for delivering digital images with the classic black & white look, and no struggle to keep the blacks from being crushed or the whites from blowing out.

    My typical approach with FP4 Plus is to expose it at ISO 250 and process it in Diafine (5+5.)

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Product Description

ILFORD FP4 PLUS is a medium speed, all-purpose black & white film with very fine grain and outstanding sharpness.

It has superb exposure latitude above and below its ISO 125, (meaning it can be both push or pull-processed). This makes FP4 PLUS a highly capable film for most photographic subjects, scenarios and lighting conditions.

It particularly excels at highly detailed subjects in good indoor and outdoor lighting conditions and is therefore an ideal film for portraits, fashion, street, product photography, landscapes and architecture.

FP4 PLUS can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors.

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Technical Specification

ID11Stock 8 ½
ID111 + 111
ILFOTEC HC1 + 3 18
ILFOTEC LC291 + 2912
ILFOSOL 31 + 94 ¼
ILFOSOL 31 + 1 47 ½
Stop Bath  
ILFOSTOP1 + 1 910 secs
Wash 10
Best overall image qualityILFOTEC DD-XID-11 (Stock)
Maximum SharpnessILFOSOL 3ID-11 (1+3)
Maximum Film SpeedILFOTEC DD-XMICROPHEN (Stock)
One-Shot ConvenienceILFOSOL 3 (1+9)ID-11 (1+1)
EconomyILFOTEC LC29 (1+29)ID-11 (1+3)
Rapid ProcessingILFOTEC HC (1+15)

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