Honest storytelling

In the beginning of my journey with documentary photography, I fell in love with the raw, unique, and honest storytelling that film provided. Being a new wide eyed film enthusiast, the easiest way for me to jump into the pool of analogue would be with 35mm film.

With 36 exposures, I was allowed the bandwidth to explore and experiment at an affordable price, that didn't break the bank, and allowed me to find myself as a visual journalist with the allotted exposures allowed.

Medium Format

After mastering the craft of 35mm film, I yearned for a format that would allow my photographs to speak LARGE yet subtle. The answer for this after doing my research was medium format film photography.

Rich in detail

The first negatives produced from this new found format, birthed images rich in detail, and made even the simplest of moments feel grand. My portraiture was enhanced by the detail and resolution produced and the emotional connection to my subjects was put widely and large before my gaze.

It is my goal to document the black experience and narratives in between with respect, grace, and offer regal representation of what I see on my day to day. Medium format has enhanced my process and goal in doing just this.


Images all © Rita Harper and shot on ILFORD Delta 100