1. ULF, Custom & Specialist Film Manufacture 2016

    29th March 2016 Buoyed by the fantastic response from the film photography community around the world, HARMAN technology Limited are delighted to be offering film photographers the opportunity to place orders for a range of specialist film products for the 11th consecutive year. With the continued revival in film photography, it is vital to have […]

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  2. The Results of our Film Survey are in

    30th January 2015 The results are in from the ILFORD PHOTO film survey and they are positive. At the end of 2014 we conducted a comprehensive international survey to help us better understand film users. Thousands of users from over 70 countries completed the survey for us and the results were inspiring. Our belief that […]

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  3. ULF, Custom & Specialist Film Manufacture 2015

    8th April 2015 HARMAN technology Limited for the 10th year in succession is making available to end users around the world a range of specialist film products. By consolidating orders HARMAN technology can supply products that would not normally be viable to manufacture. With analogue photography enjoying a revival it is vital to have film […]

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  4. 10 Years of Progress

    18th February 2015 2015 will see HARMAN technology Limited complete 10 years of successful trading as ILFORD PHOTO. The company wishes to express a sincere thank you for all the support we have received in the last 10 years from around the world. Continued support from Distributors, Retailers and Stockists has ensured our loyal photographers, […]

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  5. ILFORD XP2 SUPER a confirmed stayer!

    20th August 2014 ILFORD PHOTO confirm no plans to discontinue XP2 SUPER Film following the recent announcement that Kodak Alaris is discontinuing KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN Film.   ILFORD PHOTO can confirm that there are no plans to discontinue ILFORD XP2 SUPER. This product continues to be in free supply throughout the world from ILFORD PHOTO […]

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  6. Traditional Black & White Silver Gelatin Prints from Digital Files

    8th April 2014 Further expanding its capabilities and services, California based ILFORD LAB US now offers Silver Gelatin Prints from digital files with a specially commissioned Fuji Frontier digital laser printer optimized for printing black and white images. This ILFORD LAB US printing service draws on 130 years of ILFORD PHOTO expertise, producing the finest […]

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