Every now and then it's nice to freshen things up a bit. The eagle-eyed amongst you may soon notice that our 135 and 120 ILFORD film cartons have been updated.

The changes are relatively subtle

ILFORD branded films are still in white boxes with the product logo.  And don't worry, the films themselves are not changing.

So, what has changed?

We have added an information panel on the side of the box, showing the ISO and exposures for easy reference. We've also moved the HARMAN technology name into a narrow black band around the box.
SFX 200 is now clad in white like all of our other ILFORD films.  And all cartons now also show the @ilfordphoto social networks - no excuses not to follow us!
The new packaging will be gradually phased into circulation so may be seen alongside our existing packaging for the time being. If you see any why not share a picture on Twitter or Instagam us a pic @ilfordphoto and tell us where you are - give a big shout out to your retailer at the same time - you probably won't get a discount but you might make their day!Gig showing Ilford Photo new packaging