1. Belarus Traditional Healers

    Beginnings I came to analog photography late. I enjoy being able to feel the film and create with my hands...
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  2. The Outlaw Project

    The Outlaw Project shooting portraits with a large format camera The Outlaw Project, was inspired by Edward Sheriff Curtis, the...
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  3. Shooting through time, a journey to the Jurrasic Coast.

    Heading West Last September my family and I headed west. It had been a few years since we’d visited the...
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  4. The American West

    Road Trip In October of last year, I sold most of what I owned at that time and went on...
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  5. For the love of it all

    For the love of it all I’ve always had a love affair with black and white photography. I don’t know...
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  6. Project Xpan

    The first time around... I enjoy photography especially black and white.. I've taken a wide variety of subjects and images...
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