Lockdown Sessions

  1. In Focus - Lea Elm

    Our 66th In Focus interview is with Danish photographer Lea Elm who is a writer living in England. Find out why analogue and instant camera's became an epiphany within Lea's work. Section 1 - Background Share your favourite image / print shot on ILFORD film and tell us what it means to you? It was […]
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  2. In Focus - Monika Danos

    Monika Danos is our 60th In Focus interview. When not taking care of daily life, her love for trees and gardens means that she can be found chasing shadows with her pinhole camera, or printing in the darkroom. Patterns and lines that are created by light and shadow influence her style of work. Photography and […]
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  3. In Focus - Tyler Shields

    We’ve really been looking forward to sharing this week’s In Focus interview with you. We’ve been long time followers of Tyler’s work and were thrilled when he agreed to take part in this series. As described by Allie Evans ‘He makes you feel like the impossible is always possible’. Section 1 – Background Share your […]

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  4. Lockdown Sessions - Kit Young

    In our 14th and possibly final Lockdown Session (before we move to a new format), we are bringing you Kit Young who was nominated by Ashley Carr back in week 9. We've followed Kit for a while on Instagram. He's a fantastic darkroom printer and is always happy to share how get gets to the […]
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  5. Lockdown Sessions Rachel Brewster Wright

    Another Lockdown Session with a difference this week in the form of a video. We were really pleased when Aislinn nominated Rachel to take part back in week 4. She's such an active member of our community and always happy to help others and share her advice and experience.  Just in case you wanted […]
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  6. Lockdown Sessions Robbie Jeffers

    We've really enjoyed this series and finding our more about some of the members in our community.  Although we are moving out of Lockdown now we will be keeping it running, just in a slightly different format, so keep an eye out for the changes in the coming weeks. This week we spoke to Robbie […]
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