In Focus

  1. In Focus - Michael Weitzman

    Interview 23 is with Michael Weitzman. A film photographer, darkroom teacher and alternate and experimental process enthusiast. Michael was nominated...
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  2. In Focus - Sandeep Sumal

    Infamous on Twitter for his enjoyment of biscuits as well as being a well known name in the film photography...
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  3. In Focus - Phil W

    Better know by his Instagram handle @bostonemulsion and nominated by Tyley Bervy back in July. We've been looking forward to...
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  4. In Focus - Sandy Phimester

    We love Sandy's beautiful large format shots, they always seem to have hidden depths. We are excited that he agreed...
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  5. In Focus - Lina Bessonova

    Lina Bessonova is a passionate film photographer and darkroom printer. She shares her love of photography and printing on her...
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  6. In Focus – Shima Rastin

    For interview number 18 in our Lockdown Sessions / In Focus series we are delighted to introduce you to Shima...
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