How I got this picture

  1. How I got this Picture - Darnell Wu

    Spirit of the mountain Spirit of the Mountains ©Darnell Wu Technical info: Film Used:ILFORD HP5 PLUS 400 Format:4 x 10...
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  2. How I got this picture - Jamie Fitzel

    Mindtraveller Technical info Film Used: ILFORD HP5+ (pushed to 3200) Format: 120, shot as 6x7 Camera : Mamiya RB67 Pro...
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  3. How I got this picture - Anna Chobotova

    Violin Technical info Film Used:  ILFORD HP5 plus 400  Format 120 (6*6) Camera Hasselblad 503CW  Lens: Planar 80mm f/2,8 CF...
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  4. How I got this picture - Clyde Butcher

    Pepperwood 1 - Clyde Butcher Technical info Pepperwood Redwood Forest #1 Avenue of the Giants State Park, California 8x10 inch...
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  5. How I got this picture - David Allen

    Crumble We always enjoy finding out the stories behind some of the images that you share with us and we...
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  6. How I got this picture - Mike Basher

    HUNTING ISLAND XVI, 2018  Technical info Film Used    Ilford Delta 100   Format    4x5 Camera     Chamonix 045N-2 Lens     Fujinon SW-90...
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