Friday Favourites

  1. Friday Favourites #kentmerefilm

    This week’s #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites put our #kentmerefilm in the spotlight.  After seeing some of the great images that you shared with us, we wonder why we haven’t done this before. Manufactured here in Mobberley, our Kentmere films undergo the same high quality processes used to make our ILFORD Photo range.         Next […]

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  2. Friday Favourites #Pride

    It looks like there are a lot of you who are proud to be films photographers and rightfully so! These are our favourite shots from the ones that you shared with us for this week’s #fridayfavourites #pride theme.         Next week As well as our well know ILFORD Photo range of black […]

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  3. Friday Favourites #filtered

    It’s been so much fun this week looking through all of the #fridayfavourites #filtered shots and finding out out what your favourite combinations are.  The most popular combinations that we’ve seen are FP4+ with a yellow filter and HP5+ with and orange. There were also some fantastic shots on SFX with a variety of red […]

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  4. Friday favourites #memories

    Memories are important to all of us. they form part of who we are. One of the great things about shooting film is knowing that unless you to throw them away, your negatives will be around forever. How many of us have fond memories of looking through photo albums?           Next […]

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  5. Friday favourites #music

    A smaller than usual response to this week’s Friday favourites theme of #music, but there were still some great images. These are our favourites           Next week We’ve kept it simple for next week with a theme of #memories. After all, each time you take a shot you are capturing them. […]

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  6. Friday favourites #bythesea

    This week’s #fridayfavourites theme of #bythesea had got us all in the mood for holidays. We’ll make sure we have our cameras loaded with plenty of black & white film to record our memories. Thank you for sharing your shots with us, this week. These are our favouritess.   @DavyBlaker My entries for #bythesea for […]

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