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Our heaviest weight resin coated (RC) photo paper has a premium feel associated with fibre papers yet still provides the convenience offered by its resin coated base.

  • Double-weight 255gsm resin coated paper
  • Neutral image tone
  • Neutral base tint
  • Available in popular sheet sizes


Product Description

Reformulated and relaunched in 2021, ILFORD MULTIGRADE RC PORTFOLIO is a premium double-weight resin coated (RC), variable contrast paper.

It combines the rigidity, weight, and premium quality feel of our double-weight fibre-based papers with the ease of use, convenience and quick, flat drying characteristics associated with all our RC papers.

The redesigned RC emulsion also closely emulates the image tone and sensitometry performance of our MULTIGRADE Classic FB paper making alternating between RC and fibre easier than ever.

This paper integrates some of the best characteristics of both bases making it perfect for all printers – from students and beginners to experienced darkroom professionals wanting extra special, premium quality prints for clients, portfolios, or exhibitions.

Compared to ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC PORTFOLIO - what you need to know

Like its predecessor, this paper offers exceptional image quality throughout its wide contrast range of grades 00-5, but with several important advancements in performance.

Utilising our 5th generation MULTIGRADE emulsion, it benefits from a slightly warmer base tint, better blacks for greater depth, improved mid-grade spacing and a smoother sensometric curve providing more uniform contrast throughout the tonal range.

Nb. MULTIGRADE RC PORTFOLIO is currently only available with a Pearl surface and is no longer available as a 10x15cm (4x6”) back-printed postcard. However, the 10x15cm pack does include a sample postcard layout to easily create your own.


MULTIGRADE RC PORTFOLIO is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and seven full grades of contrast can be achieved when used with ILFORD MULTIGRADE filters. It can be used with most common safelights for black & white darkroom papers such as the ILFORD 902 safelight filter.

Wondering which paper to choose? Read this guide to picking your perfect Black & White paper.

Technical Specification

MULTIGRADE1 + 91 min
MULTIGRADE1 + 141 ½ min
BROMOPHEN1 + 32 min
PQ UNIVERSAL1 + 9 2 min
Stop Bath  
ILFOSTOP1 + 1910 secs
RAPID1 + 430 secs
HYPAM1 + 430 secs
Wash 2 mins