2150 XL

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Liquid concentrate developer and fixer kit specifically for use with the ILFOLAB 2150 RC processor.

  • Liquid concentrate print developer kit
  • Kit includes developer and fixer
  • For use with ILFOLAB 2150 RC processor
  • High capacity

Product Description

ILFORD 2150XL developer and ILFORD 2150XL fixer are liquid concentrate chemicals supplied as a kit specifically for use with the ILFOLAB 2150 RC processor.

They are economical, easy to use and robust to contamination. With a high print capacity, they are capable of producing superb quality prints from all high-quality, black & white resin coated photographic papers.

A single kit is sufficient for one fill of the ILFOLAB 2150 RC processor and will process the equivalent of 1000 x 20.3 x 25.4cm (8 x 10”) prints (55 m2 /515 ft2 of paper).

Please refer to the technical data sheet for usage instructions.


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