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Liquid concentrate toner for dish/tray toning traditional black & white photographic papers. Delivers an archival, visibly warmer print to the user.  

  • Liquid concentrate for toning b&w papers
  • Used at ambient room temperatures
  • Delivers an archival, visibly warmer print
  • Convenient, versatile and long working dish life


Product Description

HARMAN SELENIUM TONER is a liquid concentrate toner offering a convenient, simple and effective way to create a stunning selenium toned look to your prints. Designed for dish/tray toning, it works with all resin coated (RC) and traditional fibre based (FB) black & white photographic papers.

Not only can this toner enhance the look of a print, but the use of HARMAN SELENIUM TONER also increases print permanence. The enhanced archival stability and reduced fading capabilities make it ideal for precious images such as wedding prints, portraits or museum and gallery prints that are on continuous display.  

Prints toned in a selenium toner generally benefit from higher density and contrast with warmtone papers being particularly responsive.

HARMAN SELENIUM TONER can be used as part of the ILFORD optimum permanence sequence for fibre based papers.

The degree of toning can be varied by changing the toning time or solution dilution. Please refer to the technical data sheet for mixing and usage instructions.

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