20th August 2014

ILFORD PHOTO confirm no plans to discontinue XP2 SUPER Film following the recent announcement that Kodak Alaris is discontinuing KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN Film.


ILFORD PHOTO can confirm that there are no plans to discontinue ILFORD XP2 SUPER. This product continues to be in free supply throughout the world from ILFORD PHOTO Distributors and Photographic Retailers, and is available in 35mm and 120 formats as well as a 35mm Single Use Camera.

XP2 Super Mixed Format Group Pack shotILFORD XP2 SUPER is an ISO 400/27º sharp, fine grain, black and white professional film for excellent print quality and C41 processing convenience.

ILFORD XP2 Super is a C41 process Black and White film that works in a similar way to Kodak BW400CN. XP2 Super film produces extremely sharp crisp images with super-fine grain characteristics. The very wide exposure latitude makes it easy to expose even under challenging conditions. XP2 SUPER can be used as EI 50 – 800 ASA with no adjustment to the process, making it an extremely versatile film. Because XP2 Super is a dye based negative image it is ideally suited to scanning applications and fully compatible with digital ICE technologies.


  • Can be processed in C41 chemistry available in most colour labs.
  • Extremely sharp images with low grain.
  • Wide exposure latitude without the need for process adjustment.
  • Coated on traditional B&W film base without orange mask, so easy to print in the darkroom.
  • Easy to print on colour digital minilabs using monochrome settings or channels.
  • Produces high quality film scans for use in digital imaging applications.
  • Compatible with digital ICE.
  • Available in 35mm and 120 formats, and 35mm Single Use Cameras

HARMAN technology Limited, the company behind ILFORD PHOTO are committed to continuing support to analogue photographers and printers. Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing, stated, “Our business is all about providing the best quality black and white products to support analogue photographic users worldwide. XP2 Super is a key element of our product range. As such we can confirm that it will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.”

For further details about ILFORD XP2 SUPER and available formats visit the product page.