Our 2023 Ultra Large Format (ULF) campaign is now open

For the 18th consecutive year, we're giving any photographers with the many vintage, collectable, and home-made cameras out there the opportunity to order selected custom sizes of ILFORD sheet film and other specialist products without the constraints of the usual minimum order quantities.

You have until until Friday 7th July 2023 to place any orders with participating resellers.

FP4 plus sheet flim

When will I receive my order?

We will start to ship orders to our resellers and distributor network during September and end users should check with the local ULF reseller for expected arrival dates.If your usual reseller is not able to take your order, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can redirect you to the nearest one that can.


For a full list of the items available in this campaign, and participating resellers, please see below.

Item List

Participating Dealers

hp5 PLUS SHEET Filmf


  • What does ULF stand for? ULF stands for ULTRA LARGE FORMAT – We have been running this program for 18 years now!
  • What is it?  Our annual ULF campaign gives photographers the opportunity to order non-standard sizes of ILFORD sheet film and other specialist products without the constraints of the usual minimum order quantity.
  • Why do we do it? We know that there are many vintage, collectible and home made cameras out there and that it can often be difficult or impossible to get film for these non-standard formats.  This program allows us to support these film photographers to allow the continued use of these cameras.
  • Which films are included? ILFORD FP4 PLUSHP5 PLUS, and DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL. Not all films are available in all formats. These options available reflect what has been asked for over the past 17 years. We are happy to consider any other size suggestions but do not guarantee to make them available. Please make your requests via your usual reseller or distributor and they will forward them to our COM team.
  • How does it work? We let our distributors know when the order window for these products will be and which items will be included. They in turn, can inform their network of resellers.. We also share this information on our social channels and website. Orders are collated by our resellers and distributors and returned to our COM team. We then manufacture and ship in one window.

FP4 plus sheet flim