ILFORD PHOTO technical downloads

On this page we have collated all of our technical information in one place. Whether you are looking for technical data sheets, our film processing chart or information relating to contrast control for our MULTIGRADE Papers this is where you will find it.

All relevant technical information can also be found at the bottom of each specific product page.

Technical Data Sheets

Here you will find links to all technical data sheets for our film, paper and chemical products. Further product information is available on each individual product page and these data sheets can also be downloaded from there.

Film technical documents

For technical downloads relating to our range of black and white films including:- Film Processing Chart, Reducing wash water, Reciprocity Failure Compensation, Temperature compensation chart, Notch Codes and Reversal Processing.

This section also includes documents relating to film process control.

Paper technical downloads

Learn more about our darkroom paper range with these technical downloads. This section has documents covering our range overview as well as contrast control and reducing wash water,

Chemical technical downloads

Further information relating to the withdrawal of ID-11 replenisher.

Equivalent Products for other brands

Have you been using another brands products but want to try ours? This comparison list will help you to choose the equivalent product.

Discontinued ILFORD monochrome equipment manuals

From time to time, customers ask us for copies of manuals for ILFORD Monochrome equipment.

Whilst we are no longer able to directly offer service and maintenance support for discontinued equipment, we are still happy to supply (in pdf format) the manualsthat we have available in .pdf format.

Fitting instructions for MG500 adapter kits

Fitting instructions for older or obsolete equipment including MULTIGRADE 500 adapter kits.