4th December 2013


ILFORD PHOTO announce a new range of variable contrast Baryta Fibre Base papers, a completely new and improved MULTIGRADE FB and a new COOLTONE FB paper to complement the existing MULTIGRADE FB WARMTONE.

For 20 years the best selling ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV FB paper has been the product of choice for creative photographers and printers the world over. BORN following extensive R&D, significant improvements have been made to the product that is now renamed ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC. The new paper is available in Glossy and Matt surfaces and offers sharper images, improved maximum density and shorter exposure times. The new MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC has also been developed to better respond to traditional toning techniques than the product it replaces.

In a further development, the ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB range is further enhanced by the addition of new ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB COOLTONE. This new fibre base product gives a cool image colour with crisp whites and well separated mid tones.

These new products join the long established ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB WARMTONE paper that has led the field for many years, being long regarded as the creative printers first choice. This fibre base paper produces warm blacks and creamy white tones for luxurious prints. This product has not changed, and there are no plans now or in the future to change the MULTIGRADE FB WARMTONE formulation.

The new range of MULTIGRADE FB papers have been designed and developed to deliver to the photographer and printer for the first time ever the complete range of print tones in one product family.

Alan Ross in testing the new MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC and COOLTONE papers said, “Both papers have a similar contrast range to the MGIV FB and exhibit a greater clarity or crispness of image. Both papers will take a richer tone in selenium than MGIV FB - a real boon. The toning test was impressive - at 1:23 even a print immersed for 1 minute showed a noticeable change in image color, but my favorite is in the 4' range. A color I could never get with MGIV FB. I think I am going to like the CLASSIC a LOT! Thanks for letting me try it!"

Alan Ross is a renowned photographer whose unique vision combines traditional photographic methods with today’s technology. He worked side-by-side with Ansel Adams as his photographic assistant, and was personally selected by Ansel to print his Yosemite Special Edition negatives. Alan is a sought-after teacher who inspires professionals and amateurs to prepare their minds for the moment when light, beauty and chance, define opportunity.
Alan Ross Photography Masterful Images: www.alanrossphotography.com

Phased Launch

As part of a phased launch the new products will become available in the UK, USA and Canada from mid December 2013, with Europe and the rest of the world following by the end of March 2014. Please contact the ILFORD PHOTO distributor in your country to confirm the actual date of stock availability.

For further details of size availability and technical information visit www.ilfordphoto.com.

Consumers who wish to secure final stocks of MULTIGRADE IV FB product should contact their usual dealer and place their order by the end of December 2013 at the latest. Some residual stocks of this paper are being held, but provided there is sufficient demand a final coating will be made. If that coating does take place then final orders will begin to ship from the factory to our worldwide network of distributors at the end of February 2014.