Kentmere films now available in 120 format

HARMAN technology Ltd are pleased to announce that from December 1st, 2022, Kentmere Pan 100 and Kentmere Pan 400 films will be available in 120 format.

Kentmere Pan 100 is a medium speed, ISO 100 panchromatic black & white film with fine grain and good sharpness. It has a broad tonal range with ‘medium’ contrast and a wide,  forgiving exposure latitude. Compared to Kentmere PAN 400, this film is slower with finer grain, and a touch more contrast.

Kentmere Pan 400 has classic looking grain with good sharpness, tones, and pleasing contrast. It also has a wide and forgiving exposure latitude with excellent ‘push’ characteristics. Compared to Kentmere Pan 100, this is a faster film with more noticeable grain, a touch less contrast and better latitude for pushing.

Quality, Value and Performance

Kentmere films and papers aim to offer the perfect balance of quality, value and performance. They are manufactured from start to finish at the HARMAN site in Mobberley, Cheshire, UK and, undergo the same rigorous quality processes as all ILFORD branded products.

Giles Branthwaite, Sales & Marketing Director at HARMAN technology:
"ILFORD will always be our flagship brand and our most comprehensive / broadest range but we want to expand our Kentmere offering to give people a high quality yet 'affordable' entry point to analogue photography. By introducing Kentmere Pan 100 and 400 in 120 format, we are primarily targeting budget conscious photographers who still demand high quality, consistent performance and want to create beautiful images they can print or scan."

"In our recent Global Film Users Survey, 75% of the the 8600+ respondents used 120 format so there are a lot of medium format photographers out there. While all of our ILFORD films are available in this format we wanted to ensure there is choice at different price points. Kentmere Pan 100 and 400 films are not necessarily intended as ‘professional’ films, yet we have seen you can still create exceptional results all professionals would be proud of."

Available now

The new Kentmere Pan 100 and Pan 400 films in 120 format are available in stores and online around the world from 1st December 2022 (nb. availability may vary by country / retailer due to shipping times).

About Kentmere products

HARMAN technology Ltd acquired Kentmere Photographic, a small UK based paper manufacturer, in 2007. Kentmere production was moved to HARMAN’s Mobberley plant and integrated alongside the world-famous ILFORD brand of black & white films, papers, and chemicals.

Today, the Kentmere brand includes 35mm (24 exp, 36 exp and bulk length rolls) and 120 films in ISO 100 and ISO 400 as well as a selection of Glossy and Lustre Resin Coated darkroom papers in various sizes and sheet counts from 5x7" to 11x14".


Image showing Kentmere Product range