Safety data sheets for ILFORD photochemicals when made up for use

These safety data sheets relate to the products after they have been prepared for use in accordance with our recommendations. Because we do not supply these chemical solutions ready for use, we are not obliged to provide these SDSs. However, we do so in order to help users, especially those in schools and colleges, to use the products safely and assess correctly the risks involved. These are European SDSs and are provided in English only.The concentrations of hazardous chemicals in most ready for use solutions are too low for the solutions to be formally classified as dangerous under the European rules, though they must still be handled with care. 

2000 RT Developer 1+3.pdf

2000 RT Developer 1+4.pdf

2000 RT Fixer 1+4.pdf

2150XL Developer 1+3.67.pdf

2150XL Fixer 1+3.67.pdf

Bromophen Developer Stock.pdf

HARMAN Selenium Toner 1+3.pdf

HARMAN Warmtone Developer 1+9.pdf

Hypam Fixer 1+4.pdf

ID-11 Stock Developer.pdf

Ilfosol 3 Developer 1+9.pdf

Ilfosol 3 Developer 1+5.pdf

Ilfostop 1+19.pdf

Ilfotec DD Developer 1+4.pdf

Ilfotec DD-X Developer 1+4.pdf

Ilfotec HC Developer 1+31.pdf

Ilfotec LC29 Developer 1+19.pdf

Ilfotec RT Rapid Developer 1A+1B+2.pdf

Ilfotol 1+200.pdf

Microphen Developer Stock 1960518.pdf

Multigrade Developer 1+9.pdf

Perceptol stock solution.pdf

Phenisol developer 1+4.pdf

PQ Universal Developer 1+9.pdf

Rapid Fixer 1+4.pdf

Wash Aid 1+4.pdf