HARMAN technology Ltd, the manufacturer of ILFORD photographic film, darkroom paper and chemicals, has announced the ILFORD SIMPLICITY range of photo chemicals designed for convenient, easy-use film processing.

The ILFORD SIMPLICITY range of film processing photo chemicals have been created for convenience and ease of use. These sachets are ideal for photographers who want to try processing their own film but have until now been apprehensive about the process and/or may not have required the larger volumes offered in the existing range of bottles or powders.

Giles Branthwaite, Sales & Marketing Director for HARMAN technology: “We have listened to customer feedback about how frequently they process film as well as how, when and where they do it. We developed these sachets both for photographers who are new to film and want the confidence to try home processing as well as more experienced film users who don’t process regularly and therefore don’t want to commit to larger bottles of photo chemicals.”

He adds, “For several years now, we have seen interest in ILFORD films increase as more and more photographers are finding or returning to analogue processes. We are committed to making film photography more accessible for all levels and abilities and actively look for ways to encourage participation in the many creative aspects of film - this includes processing and printing.”

ILFORD Simplicity will be available in retailers during December 2018 / January 2019. Please see ilfordphoto.com/simplicity for more information.



Each Simplicity sachet has the required amount of photo chemicals to process 2 x 35mm (135) films or 1 x 120 film in a 600ml developing tank when used as part of the standard develop, stop, fix and wash process. Simply mix the full* contents of each sachet with water at the correct temperature to make 600ml of liquid and use in the developing tank in sequence.

*Please note that the wetting agent sachet can be used up to 8 times to develop 16 x 35mm or 8 x 120 films when used in a 600ml tank.

Visit the ILFORD PHOTO YouTube channel to watch the demonstration video.


Contains: 1 x film developer, 1 x stop bath, 1 x fixer, 1 x wetting agent. These are all the recommended chemicals you need to process a film. One starter pack will develop 2 x 35mm (135) films or 1 x 120 film in a 600ml processing tank.


Contains: 5 x sachets. Available in film developer, stop bath and fixer only. Each box contains 5 single sachets.


Each sachet should be available to buy as a single unit at your chosen retailer. This will allow you to buy more of the ones you use most frequently.

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