HARMAN lab black and white film processing logo

HARMAN Lab - The new name for ILFORD Lab Direct

We have updated the name of our award winning Lab service to HARMAN Lab.
The new name reflects our desire to give more recognition to the "HARMAN*" brand, and presents opportunities to further broaden our lab service offerings in the future.
We still offer the same high-quality film processing and real Black and White prints as we've always done. Using ILFORD Photo Papers and Chemistry throughout.
Operating from our factory site in Mobberley, Cheshire, the UK Lab offers services throughout Europe.  Our US and Canadian customers are serviced by our partner lab operating from San Clemente in California.
HARMAN Lab can develop, print and scan all types of Black and White films including chromogenic C41 process B&W films and have a range of Digital to Black and White printing services.
Full details can be found on the dedicated websites.

Link to Harman Lab, black and white film processing service