Thank you to everyone who submitted images for this weeks #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites. You all have sent in such a mixture of #symmetry images. Symmetry is rare to come by everyday, but  also being able to capture on film is even better. Take a look who has been featured this week. Remember, if both halves are identical, then the image is symmetrical.

Black and white photo of a building with water

@ashwin_ku1 Replying to @ILFORDPhoto #fridayfavourites #symmetry shot with HP5+ @ box speed


Black and white still life photo of a shell

@billthoo Replying to @ILFORDPhoto XP2 + OM1 + 80/4 macro #fridayfavourites #ilfordphoto #symmetry


Black and white photo of stairs/ladder

@lemonidasg I consider symmetry both a friend and foe. @ILFORDPhoto #ilfordfp4 #fridayfavourites #symmetry


Black and white photo of a large building with a lot of windows

@SamJones35mm Replying to @ILFORDPhoto 8 Water St. Liverpool on Ilford FP4! #fridayfavourites #symmetry #ilford #FP4


Close up photograph of a sunflower

@justgipsy Replying to @ILFORDPhoto #fridayfavourites #symmetry - more than two halves being the same - The Symmetry of Fractals, with Ilford #delta3200


Our next theme is #fixedfocus - Show us the pics where you had choice to change the focus.

Use the #'s #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #fixedfocus and remember to tell us which of our films you used.


These are the themes that you can expect to see fairly soon.  You can start sharing for these whenever you like, and as long as you use the #'s we will see them. You can share your shots with us on Instagram or Twitter using the #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites plus that week's tag and the film or paper that you have used.

#filmfreedom - Any shot on our film is eligible for this weeks theme.

#unusualshot - Let us see something different.

#paperfreedom - Show us prints on your favourite ILFORD paper.