This weeks #fridayfavourites has turned out incredible, you all impress us more and more every week. Take a look at which photos were selected for #ilfordphoto #dodgeburn. We wanted to see prints that you spent so much time and dedication on creating.

Print of a plant black and white

@justgipsy Replying to @ILFORDPhoto #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #dodgeburn Film Ilford #delta100 rated at 50asa. The highlights required considerable burning in, while dodging the shadow areas.


Black and white photo of houses with a sign infront and books

@jakebehindthescene Tangle Wood Book Swap April 2022 #pentax6x7 #ilfordhp5 #bramhall #suburbia #suburbanlife #themundane #ilfordphoto #fridayfavorites #dodgeandburn #dadsarmy


Black and white print of two girls smoking

@honeybbanne @ILFORDPhoto Here’s some more #fridayfavourites. Shot on HP5+ and printed on Multigrade FB glossy. Strategic #dodgeburn on all these babiezz


Black and white image of the front of a shop with a tree

@Warboyssnapper Replying to @ILFORDPhoto Bright California sun and FP4 in my GW690II needed some reduced development in ID11 1+1 then printed nicely on MGFB. Dodged the area in shadow 1/4 stop , much more and the shadows go muddy. Of course you need detail there in the first place. #FridayFavourites #dodgeburn


Black and white print of a building abstract

@laur_lutr Replying to @ILFORDPhoto Here is my print for the #fridayfavourites Did some heavy burning and splitgrade printing on the sky. Shot on #ilfordphoto HP5+ pushed to 1600 its my all time favourite film. #dodgeburn


Black and white photo of apples

@PlymouthDarkro1 Replying to @ILFORDPhoto With 6hr exposure @ f300 it captured ever speck of dust and weave of the back drop. Dodge and burn helped significantly. I never tire of pulling this one out. #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #dodgeburn #ilfordfp4



Our next theme is #symmetry - If both halves are identical, then the image is symmetrical.

Use the #'s #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #symmetry and remember to tell us which of our films you used.


These are the themes that you can expect to see fairly soon.  You can start sharing for these whenever you like, and as long as you use the #'s we will see them. You can share your shots with us on Instagram or Twitter using the #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites plus that week's tag and the film or paper that you have used.

#fixedfocus - Show us the pics where you had choice to change the focus.

#freefilm - Any shot on our film is eligible for this weeks theme.

#unusualshot - Let us see something different.