Technical downloads relating to the ILFORD PHOTO film photography product range.

All tested processing times for our range of ILFORD and Kentmere black and white films alongside our ILFORD liquid and powder processing chemicals.

Film Processing Chart

Film developing and darkroom printing both require that the negatives or prints be adequately washed to ensure longevity of the images. This short documents covers some methods for reducing the amount of wash water used whilst ensuring that your negatives and prints are still adequately washed.

Reducing wash water

Information on how to allow for low intensity reciprocity failure during long exposures with our ILFORD and Kentmere black and white films.

Reciprocity Failure Compensation

This chart is provided as a quick and easy guide for users who need to adjust development times for processing temperatures other than 20ºC/68ºF.

Temperature compensation chart

Notch codes are used to identify which large format black and white film you are using as well as the correct orientation. This guides shows the information for each of our ILFORD films.

Notch Codes

Reversal processing enables black and white transparencies to be produced directly from high quality film materials such as PAN F Plus, FP4 Plus and DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL. This information sheet outlines the method and materials needed for the reversal processing of these ILFORD films.

Reversal Processing

Film Process Control

Introduction to Film Process Control

Blank Film Process Control Sheet

Film Process Control User Manual

Film Process Control Data Sheet