Starting Photography

What should I choose as my first film?

Please see our guide to choosing your first film. 

What should I choose as my first Paper?

Please read our guide to picking your perfect paper 

What chemicals should I use for starting out with film processing?

There is a lot of useful information in our learning zone

 What advice can you give for setting up a new darkroom?

There is a great short animation about this, along with other information in our learning zone


Pinhole Photography

Which papers are suitable for Pinhole photography?

All of our papers are suitable for pinhole photography. 

What are the ISO Paper speed film equivalents?

Paper and film ISO speed work in different ways. As an approximation use a film ISO speed of 3-6 for our Multigrade papers but this may vary with the product and types of exposure. You may need to find your optimum value through trial and error.

How do I calculate Pinhole exposures?

You will find an exposure calculator on our website

Alternatively, there are online resources such as

If using a light meter then start with an ISO setting of 3-6 and use the meter as normal.

Can I buy a viewfinder for your Titan pinhole camera's

We don’t sell a viewfinder, but you can buy optical viewfinders for a hot-shoe attachment, however they are very expensive.

A better alternative is to use a smartphone with a viewfinder app that will simulate different focal lengths. You can then get an inexpensive hot-shoe adapter for the phone.

Without a viewfinder, use the line of sight along the edges of the cone, it is quite easy (and accurate) with practice to visualise the exposed area and field of view.