Which is best fixer - HYPAM or RAPID fixer?

Both fixers perform equally well, HYPAM will accept the addition of a hardener if required, whereas RAPID fixer will not work with hardeners.

What’s the shelf life of ILFOSOL 3 film developer?

Unopened, ILFOSOL 3 will last about 18 months. Once open, it should be used within three months. Remember to mix ILFOSOL 3 for immediate use ONLY.

What is replenishment?

Some processing chemicals can be replenished, this means that instead of discarding the working solution you can add more fresh stock, thereby extending the working life of the solution.

In machine processing systems this works continuously to maintain a constant activity.

The ID11 replenisher is discontinued can I still replenish ID11?

We have a special guide for making replenisher from the ID11 powder chemicals which can be accessed here

Splitting powder chemistry  

We do not advise splitting powder sachets to make multiple smaller stock volumes.

If sachets are split, despite how thoroughly they might be shaken pre-splitting, there’s a possibility that ingredients will not be evenly distributed. Key ingredients such as development agents might therefore, not be at the optimum level, causing inferior quality processed films.

Can I use water instead of stop bath?

All ILFORD developers are alkaline. An acidic stop bath stops the development process almost instantly. It protects the fixer from carry-over from the developer and it helps prevent physical development fog. Water can be used as a Stop Bath but it is much slower and less effective than an acidic solution

How do I dispose of my used or unwanted ILFORD Photochemicals

Business or Trade users
As with other waste chemicals, business or trade users should dispose of via a suitably licensed waste operator.

Domestic Users
Regulations vary between countries and regions. Domestic users should first check with their local authority to see what facilities are available for local disposal of domestic waste chemical products, such as paint, bleach, cleaning agents, etc. Small residues of photographic chemicals can be safely washed down the drain with plenty of water.