Advice for vegans 

Do your ILFORD Chemicals contain Animal products?


Do your film or paper products contain animal products?

We use animal gelatine in all our film and paper products. The gelatine we use is a by-product of the farming industry and no extra animals are used to make it.

Why can’t Gelatine be substituted for something else?

Gelatine has unique characteristics which act as a membrane matrix for the silver crystals but also interacts with the crystals as they are formed. Substitutes have been attempted such as vegetable substitutes or PVOH, however to date, none perform to the same standard as gelatin.

Without gelatine, products would be fragile, slow and have a short life.

Do you test your products on animals?

HARMAN technology Ltd has never tested any photochemical product (e.g. developer or fixer) on animals.