Our brand new, worldwide, student competition 'Pride and Prejudice,' (A reflection on the world today),  is now open for entries. We can't wait to see how you interpret this challenging theme.

PRIDE & PREJUDICE -  The brief

Borrowing the title from Austen's classic novel, we want to see how you interpret its central themes of Pride and Prejudice and how it is reflected in the today's world. Morality, social standing, race, religion, sexuality - we want to see the world through your lens.

We are looking for original, imaginative, contemporary, and powerful images that catch the eye with the ability to create emotion.

Contact sheet for PRIDE & Prejudice ILFORD Photo student competition


Who can enter?

The competition is open to any student, of any age, from anywhere around the world.

Can I enter more than one image?

Of course, in fact , we'd encourage it! (Don't forget, each image must have it's entry label firmly attached to the back).

Can I submit my entry online?

No. This is a print competition and all images must be printed by you, the student, in the darkroom and sent to the address shown on the entry label.

Can my lecturer / teacher group all images together and send them at once?

This is a great idea and many already do this, please just ensure that each image has it's own entry label attached firmly to the back of it. (Images sent in polythene wallets with the entry labels loose will be disqualified).

Do I have to use ILFORD or Kentmere products?

All images must be shot on either ILFORD or Kentmere black and white films and printed in the darkroom on either ILFORD or Kentmere black and white darkroom papers. We would love for you to use our films and darkroom chemicals too but appreciate that this isn't always possible so don't make this a condition of entry.

Contact sheet for PRIDE & Prejudice ILFORD Photo student competition

I don't have access to a darkroom to print my images, can you help?

Your college may want to look at our Pop-Up Darkrooms or alternatively, why don't you have a look at our locator tool and see if there is a community darkroom nearby?

When does the competition close?

The competition closing date is Friday 31st January 2025 and all entries must be with us by that date.

Where can I get a copy of the competition poster / brief  \ terms and conditions and entry labels?

Download the competition poster, brief, terms and conditions and the entry labels using the links below.

Home - Assets for download A4 size - Worldwide

Home -US assets for download

Contact sheet for PRIDE & Prejudice ILFORD Photo student competition