Community Grant Shortlist

Our grant is currently open for submissions.

When submissions close, the shortlisted projects will be shown here for you to vote.


Earlier awards

The first 2024 grant was awarded to Lucho Davila for Fanesca which studies how immigration alters traditional folklore

We shipped his prize earlier in the year and can't wait to share details on the progress that he is making with this project.

Other projects shortlisted this time were:-
Mountains: The Inner Path - Eduardo Almeida
Our Kids - Portraits of people with LGBTQ+ parents.- Paula Smith
The Places I (Long To) Go - Megan Sinclair
I am not an embarrasment - Xoliswa Ngwenya

The Q3 2023 Grant was awarded to Anni Kay and her project Hulme Loonies.

Other shortlisted project were:-
Gary Dougherty - Lifesavers
Alan J Kent - The Afghan Street Camera
Emillio Daniel. - Hikayat Kain (Tale of Cloth)
Mia Kraitsowits - Loved Skins

The Q2 2023 Community Grant was awarded to Federico Pestilli for his project Extinct

Read more about how his project is going in our online magazine

The other projects shortlisted for this award were:-
Jack Moyse - What it's like (being me)
Megan Henderson - Locos Non Profit
Yang Zhou - Mapping J. R. R. Tolkien's England
D. M. Terblanche - I Should Have Burnt More Cars

Our Q1 2023 Winner was India Mae Alby with her project on the London Rollerskating Scene.

We shipped her prize in April. We'll catch up with her at the end of the year to find out how winning this award has helped bring her project to life.

The other projects shortlisted for this award were:-
Asian Representation in Hollywood - Marcus Ubungen
Black Women Rising UK - Noam Friedman
The Woman: Veiled - Jason and Amanda Ray
Don't Touch My... (DTM) -  Zai

Our Q4 2022 Winner was SAM BATLEY with his project 'One Day at a time boys'.

His prize shipped in January and he updated us at the end of 2023 about his project working with a community of men from a recovery centre in Liverpool.

The other projects that you voted on for the 2nd award were:-
Dogs from Darkness - Ted Smith
Cost of Living Crisis - Kieran Doherty
Queering Rural Spaces - Sarah Stellino
The resistance of native corn in rural Mexico City - Diego Hernadez
Untie the Knot - Clare Park

Our Q3 2022 Winner was ANDILE BHALA with his project 'Related to the Pavement'.

We shipped his prize to him in November. You can read more about his project  capturing faces of Soweto/JOZI in our magazine and check out some of his work on his Instagram

The other projects that you voted on for the 1st award were:-
Tragically beautiful - Anna Melnykova
f.64 - Savannah McCauley
Accessible Landscapes - John Emery
Just Sitting - Kasia Murfet
A Role Model for Me - Molly Kate