Dev Tray 5x7in Grey

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The Paterson 5x7 inch developing tray in grey.

  • 12.7x17.8cm
  • Moulded along one edge to give support for a thermometer
  • Available in 3 colours, to indicate different chemical usage when working in the darkroom


Product Description

>The Paterson Developing Trays are available in six sizes, ranging from 5x7 inch (12.7cmx17.8cm) to 20x24 inch (50.8x60cm).


>The specially designed base ribbing gives both maximum stability and economy with processing solution. There is also moulding along one edge to give support to a thermometer, allowing for constant check of the solution temperature.


> The trays come in three different colours. Grey, Red or White.


>Wondering which chemistry to choose? Read the guide on picking your perfect chemicals for your needs .