Auto Load Reel - 6 Pack

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A pack of six auto load film reels for use in Paterson developing tanks.

  • The reels are adjustable to fit 35mm, 127, 120 roll film
  • Have a smooth finish to allow for easy loading and free flow of solution


Product Description

>The Paterson Auto Load Reel (6 Pack) is designed for use with the Paterson Super System 4 tanks. The reels are adjustable to accommodate 35mm 127 and 120 film sizes.


>When adjusting the reels to accommodate the different sized film, hold one end of the reel in each hand and turn in opposite directions until the reels unlock. The two parts can now be slid apart until the correct width for the film is reached. Now turn each end of the reel in opposite directions to re-lock in its new position.


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