Multi Reel 3 Tank (excl reels)

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A multi purpose developing tank for processing 35mm and 120 roll film.

  • Holds three 35mm films or two 120 roll film
  • This item is not supplied with any Auto Load Reels


Product Description

>The Paterson Multi Reel 3 Tank takes up to three 35mm film or two of the 120 roll films. Auto load reels are not included.


>You must acquire Auto Load Reels to use with this product.


>The reels are designed to grip onto the central column of the tank and any number of reels from minimum to maximum can be used. Care should be taken when using less than a fully loaded tank of film and chemistry, as this can lead to over vigorous agitation of the chemicals.


>Wondering which chemicals to choose? Read this guide on picking the perfect chemistry for you.