5th December 2014

When You're A Stranger

A Blipfoto Global Film Photography Project sponsored by ILFORD PHOTO

Stranger: Ice Cream Truck Driver, Concord, CA (USA)

Last year, Blipfoto launched a global black and white film photography project. 'When You’re A Stranger' involved a whole load of ILFORD HP5 Plus Single Use Cameras sent out to the Blipfoto community across the world. For those that received a camera, the brief was simple; take just one photo. But there was a twist - that single photo had to be a portrait of a stranger. Then it got exciting!

The photographer had to pass on the camera to someone else - anywhere in the world - to do the same thing. And then that user did the same thing again and passed it on (and so on) until the film was finished or the camera found it's way back to Blipfoto. Each photographer was asked to share a little about the stranger or their experience and mark their location on a map.

Twenty cameras started the journey. How many would make it home? Where would these adventurous little cameras go, and who would they meet along the way?

The project had two aims - firstly to see how many strangers they could meet. But secondly to examine the relationship between the photographer and the subject. Who is the stranger?

After almost 18 months of travelling the world, the cameras are all home (or the ones that made it, anyway) and their stories developed.

Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing at ILFORD PHOTO/HARMAN technology Limited, remarked, " At first I was a little unsure but the idea sounded interesting enough for us to support this project. Blipfoto have turned the results into a wonderful online presentation. We are pleasantly surprised with the results that have been achieved especially considering the journeys the cameras have been on. The stories behind the photos are fascinating and in some cases very moving."

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Image: Ice Cream Truck Driver_MyEveryday_Blipfoto_2 WYAS.jpg

Caption: Stranger: Ice Cream Truck Driver, Concord, CA (USA)
Just one of hundreds of photos in the Blipfoto project When You’re A Stranger