High quality, 8x10” safelight filters suitable for a wide range of sensitised products including black & white photographic papers.

  • Provide safe darkroom lighting
  • 902 Light Brown
  • 906 Dark Red
  • Perfect for ILFORD darkroom papers
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Product Description

Safelights are an important piece of equipment when setting up your own darkroom. ILFORD SAFELIGHT FILTERS are the perfect choice for a wide range of sensitised products including our wide choice of leading photographic papers.

Designed to give effective and safe illumination for your darkroom, the ILFORD 902 light brown safelight filter is compatible with most photographic papers and is particularly recommended for MULTIGRADE RC, MULTIGRADE FB, ILFOBROM FB and ILFOSPEED RC papers while the ILFORD 906 dark red safelight filter is recommended for use with HARMAN Direct Positive paper and orthochromatic materials.

ILFORD SAFELIGHT FILTERS comprise of high-quality filter material bound up with a diffuser between two pieces of glass.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up your own darkroom then watch our short animation.

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