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Resin coated, black & white graded paper for darkroom printing. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including commercial, press, industrial, advertising and display work.

  • Premium quality resin coated paper
  • Bright white base tint
  • Medium weight 190g/m2
  • Choice of glossy or pearl surfaces
  • Available in popular sheet sizes
  • Available in contrast grades 2 & 3


Product Description

ILFORD ILFOSPEED RC DELUXE is a premium quality graded paper on a medium weight resin coated base. It has a bright white base tint and a neutral image colour, whether viewed in daylight or fluorescent light.

Utilising the latest emulsion technology, ILFOSPEED RC DELUXE produces prints with superior image quality. As a graded paper, it is particularly suitable for applications which do not require variable contrast emulsions or when negatives are consistent or predictable.

ILFOSPEED RC DELUXE is designed for use with all enlargers and automatic printers. It can be used with most common safelights for black & white darkroom paper such as the ILFORD 902 safelight filter.

Wondering which paper to choose? Read this guide to picking your perfect Black & White paper.

Technical Specification

MULTIGRADE1 + 91 min
MULTIGRADE1 + 141 ½ min
BROMOPHEN1 + 32 min
PQ UNIVERSAL1 + 9 2 min
Stop Bath  
ILFOSTOP1 + 1910 secs
RAPID1 + 430 secs
HYPAM1 + 430 secs
Wash 2 mins
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