Will you be the lucky finder of this winning ticket?

ilford photo 140 year Silver Winning ticket


This year marks 140 years since the original ILFORD company was founded. To celebrate we are hiding a unique Silver Ticket inside one of our most popular black and white ILFORD films.


The ticket will be inside one of the following limited edition boxes which include our 140 year logo on the packaging.

It will be inside the box in 120 film or in the tub if it's in one of our 35mm films.

Films boxes with 140 year logo

Boxes which could contain the Winning Ticket are: HP5+ 135 24, HP5+ 135 36, FP4+ 135 36, DELTA PROFESSIONAL 3200 135 36, DELTA PROFESSIONAL 400 135 36, DELTA PROFESSIONAL 100 135 36, XP2 SUPER 135 36, DELTA PROFESSIONAL 3200 120, DELTA PROFESSIONAL 400 120, DELTA PROFESSIONAL 100 120, HP5+ 120, FP4+ 120.


If you are the lucky finder of this winning ticket then we would like to invite you and one guest to the home of black and white film, our factory in Mobberley, England.

Your prize will include:

  • Return transport for you and a guest to the UK
  • 4 nights' accommodation in Knutsford, England
  • A 2 day Peak District photography and darkroom workshop with Dave Butcher
  • An ILFORD (HARMAN technology) factory tour
  • £140 of ILFORD products
  • Up to £400 of expenses


To claim your prize please email us using the contact form on with the subject header 'I AM THE SILVER TICKET WINNER' and pick 'General' from the 'send to' drop down box. There is a unique alpha numeric code on the back of the ticket which you will need to quote in the body of your email. Following this email we may also request a picture of the winning ticket to verify the prize.


Full terms and conditions and prize details are available to download here.