26th January 2007

ILFORD SFX 200 film returns to the range

HARMAN technology has received thousands of requests from customers to return the ILFORD SFX 200 film to the ILFORD Photo film range.

We are pleased to announce that the product will be relaunched Worldwide during March 2007 in 135 - 36 exp cassettes and in the 120 format, in addition a special pack containing 3 x ILFORD SFX 200 135 - 36 and a COKIN "P" SFX filter will be made available. ILFORD SFX 200 will become a ‘MOD’ MANUFACTURE ON DEMAND item, where the film is manufactured on an approximately annual basis to ensure the highest quality of manufacture.

Availability in individual markets is dependent on shipping times, but is likely to be in early March for the UK, mid March for European and Nordic markets, April for North America and May for the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

HARMAN technology Limited Marketing Director Howard Hopwood announced

"ILFORD SFX 200 is a great film that allows film photographers an even more expressive outlet for their creativity. It has a loyal following in many markets and is used for a huge range of applications, architectural photography being one of the most popular.

For HARMAN technology this finally completes the task of returning to its range the specialist products which were discontinued during the previous administration of ILFORD Imaging UK Limited. It is a further commitment from HARMAN technology to provide creative photographers and printers around the world with the largest range of quality analogue mononchrome photography products."