22nd February 2006

ILFORD Photo will be sponsoring Canada’s first International APUG conference, bringing together enthusiasts for two days of workshops and other events centred on sharing a passion for black-and-white photography.

Canadian conference call

This coming May sees the inauguration of the International APUG Conference in Toronto, Canada. APUG (the Analogue Photography Users Group) started as a website for photographers who use film-based black-and-white and colour photography, and has developed into a thriving community of monochrome devotees.

Taking place over May 4-7 and sponsored by ILFORD Photo, the APUG conference will bring together professional and enthusiast photographers for a series of workshops and seminars geared to furthering their interest and their abilities in black-and-white photography and processing.

The workshops will cover a wide variety of subjects, from street photography and studio portraiture on the capture side, to cross processing, lith and carbon printing, solarisation, and an introduction to large format printing on the processing side.

The workshop programme will be led by Les McLean, a world authority on black-and-white processing and darkroom techniques, and also a noted photographer in his own right. “I will be discussing and demonstrating various approaches to bringing out the very best features and tones in delegates’ work,” he says, “enabling them to derive the best possible results from their photography.”

McLean will also offer portfolio appraisals of work brought to the conference, and advise on both aesthetic and technical content. “I would particularly enjoy looking at completed photographic essays or work in progress where the student needs motivation and help,” he confirms.

ILFORD Photo sees the APUG conference as an important part of its 2006 plans for extending its passion for black-and-white photography to as wide an audience as possible. “Canada and North America represent an important part of our business,” says Steven Brierley, ILFORD Photo sales director for the region. “There is a strong body of support for monochrome imaging, and much enthusiasm for it among photographers of all types who live and work there.

“This is why we are pleased to be involved in the inaugural staging of the APUG show where we are looking forward to meeting enthusiasts who appreciate the values of black-and-white photography, and who recognise the opportunity it provides for producing work which is not just intended for storing memories and acting as a record of life’s events, but which enables them to realise the true beauty and artistry of tone, line and lighting, effectively creating works of art.

“It promises to be a great event, and I urge all who can attend to come along and revel in the atmosphere of enthusiasm and enjoyment which always develops when true photographic aficionados gather together.”

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February 2006