14th February 2008


Highlighting the strength of its commitment to the long-term future of analogue photography, ILFORD PHOTO has announced plans to extend its UK Black and White Process and Print service at a time when many other providers are withdrawing from this important area. In order to offer this extended range of services, the leading monochrome business and specialist part of HARMAN technology Limited has made a considerable investment into new plant and machinery at its Mobberley headquarters.

Specifically, the service is now able to offer not only processing and printing but additional black and white capabilities such as the scanning of film negatives to CD, reprints and enlargements as well as the exciting new service of producing real silver gelatine black and white prints from digital files. In all cases, customers will have the reassurance of knowing their films and prints are being handled and developed by experts from a company with a history in analogue photography stretching back over 100 years. Plus, future additions to the service are already set to include 120 roll film processing and printing which will be available imminently.

Ultimately, the new service offers its users significant benefits in terms of the eventual image quality achieved as it results in true black and white silver gelatine prints on ILFORD PHOTO black and white photographic paper. These prints deliver improved longevity and archival properties compared to black and white prints produced on colour paper, which often suffer from a colour cast.

The enhanced service caters for all ILFORD films, including ILFORD FP4 Plus, ILFORD HP5 Plus, ILFORD XP2 Super and ILFORD SFX 200, as well as certain films from other manufacturers, such as Kodak TRI-X, T-MAX, 400 CN and Fuji Neopan. To take advantage of the capabilities on offer, customers can simply download an order form from the ILFORD PHOTO website or they can buy pre-paid envelopes - either separately or with ILFORD films. Details of local stockists and processing options can be found on the company’s website -

Speaking of the extended service, Howard Hopwood, ILFORD PHOTO Marketing Director, said: “Although the art of black and white photography is normally envisaged as a traditional medium, ILFORD PHOTO products and services continue to expand to accommodate technological advances. The extension of our Black and White Process and Print Service is an obvious example of this commitment to combining the best of old and new. It also ensures that both film and digital photographers across the UK will be able to reap the benefits of darkroom development - now and long into the future.”

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Image:Process and Print poster

CAPTION:Perfect real silver gelatine prints made easy. ILFORD PHOTO has extended its Black and White Process and Print service.


HARMAN technology Limited is a pioneering imaging specialist based in Mobberley, Cheshire. The company - which was born of the ILFORD formed by Alfred Harman in 1879 - now includes three, separate and well known brands: ILFORD PHOTO which manufactures traditional monochrome photographic products; HARMAN PHOTO which produces a range of high-end inkjet media for both colour and monochrome prints; and KENTMERE PHOTOGRAPHIC who produce a range of photography and inkjet papers, including Opaljet.

The ILFORD range of inkjet products, including ‘ILFORD Galerie’, is not associated with HARMAN technology in any way, and is actually manufactured and marketed by a separate business based in Switzerland.

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