Just Add competition

We all know the creative potential of black & white film photography is immense. In your hands (and cameras) it has the power to captivate, inspire and convey emotions through the beautiful images you create.

At ILFORD PHOTO, we have remained committed and passionate about creating the world’s best black & white analogue products and keeping them on the market for our customers. In turn, our talented customers have kept shooting and your results have inspired others to have a go. So much so that we are now seeing more and more of you returning to film or picking up a film camera for the first time.

This exciting industry resurgence is cause for celebration and we are doing so by inviting our customers to take part in a competition using the theme of our new marketing campaign: Just Add.

Once again, we are asking you to show the world the power and potential of black & white film photography and how each and every frame you shoot or print you make can be used to inspire, tell stories or drive change.


Winner: Obscura by ILFORD pinhole camera kit & 20 rolls of either 35mm or 120 roll film of your choice.
The winning image will also be shown on the home page of our new website when it launches.

Runner up: 20 rolls of either 35mm or 120 roll film of your choice.

Taking part is simple:

Between now and March 31st 2017 share your images on our social media pages (@ilfordphoto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) using #JustAdd as well as the best word to describe what you are adding. Please let us know what products were used and make sure you are following the page on which you are posting.

Note all images must have been taken on ILFORD PHOTO products using either our films or papers.

The winning photographer will use their passion and skill to put their own flair, finesse or artistic style on the image and will show an understanding and interpretation of the Just Add theme. As a hint have a look at the examples and think about the emotional and physical context of your subject.

All images remain the copyright of the artist / photographer. We may share some images that catch our eye on our website and social media sites.