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TUTORS - Daniel T Wheeler

Daniel T Wheeler is a photographer and darkroom practitioner from the Midlands. Daniel has been working and teaching in darkrooms for over a decade and works with both black and white and colour imagery.

Daniel was recently commissioned by The Open Centre to produce a book of contemporary photography in the Normanton area of Derby. The book then lead on to a long term exhibition in the city centre. The exhibition not only shows hand made prints made by Daniel but also exhibits contact sheets and work prints for viewers to explore. Daniels previous work focussed around creating negatives using dry plate techniques and found object result in a series called "The Lost and Found", a project focusing on photographing people using dry plates made from discarded objects found in the street close to their homes (see attached image).

Daniel is passionate about sharing the unique pleasure of producing prints in the darkroom and the beauty of using film and other traditional photographic techniques such as dry plate, pinhole and cameraless photography.

Daniel runs both a darkroom in Derby and a professional processing lab in Nottingham collectively know as The Photo Parlour.

The Photo Parlours aim is to provide facilities and services to photographers who are still dedicated to using film. The Derby darkroom provides inexpensive membership to its users and runs regular workshops for people of all abilities.

The Nottingham lab provides professional film processing and printing services as well as studio hire and workshops. Both sites also hold regular exhibitions of local and international artists work and take part in the FORMAT international photography festival. The Photo Parlour also works very closely with renowned photographer John Blakemore in running regular workshops in black and white printing, sequencing and bookmaking.

For more information on The Photo Parlour check out you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @thephotoparlour

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